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Preparing Your Garden for Spring

The weather in our area has been fantastic lately with cool, crisp nights and sunny winter days. Perfect weather for spending some time in the garden!

There’s nothing quite like getting amongst the green life, a little digging here, some pruning there, and enjoying being outside and thinking about the changes to be made in the coming seasons.

It’s an ideal time now to enrich the soil to encourage that new growth and sustain it through our hot summers. Keeping it organic will help satisfy the cravings of your plants and not upset the makeup of the soil. Spread some mineral Garden Delight around and follow that up with some Activgrow. Grab the garden fork and open up the soil, creating some small pockets for the oxygen to get into the garden and allowing the goodies and moisture to penetrate the root area.

Mulching is one of the most important things you will do in the garden. It insulates the soil in winter, keeps the moisture in during the hot weather, and suppresses weeds. A lot of plants have their feeding roots close to the surface and they need to be protected. Anyway, it looks good too! Sugar Cane mulch, I think, is possibly the best all- mulch for ornamental or veggie gardens, and is very cost-effective and eco-friendly.


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