From one man's childhood love of bamboo to becoming Australia's leading supplier...



The entire business of Bamboo Down Under and our love for bamboo all originated from Rick Warwick, the owner and company principal of Bamboo Down Under. Growing up, Rick had a great passion for plants and created many fond childhood memories of playing amongst bamboo. In later years, this inspired him to plant many bamboo varieties in his backyard for his two young daughters to enjoy. He came to learn that many people shared his love of bamboo, in particular the clumping, non-running varieties. He started inviting people to view his gardens and was inundated with visitors who couldn’t get enough of “all things bamboo”. Already having owned his own businesses and been an entrepreneur, he started to think of ways he could make a business out of bamboo. A few ideas were considered, like selling the edible bamboo shoots or even the hardwood poles for construction. Eventually, he discovered the gap in the market for a reputable seller of CLUMPING bamboo for ornamental and screening purposes, with a retail outlet to explain and showcase the different species. Inspired, he came up with the idea for the 'designer room of bamboo species' around the year 1996.



Rick started researching and propagating bamboo species in his backyard at Ceder Vale, Queensland, growing to be a small nursery where customers could visit and buy bamboo. When it was time to expand in 2003, the family and business moved to Wongawallan, a suburb within the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. The name Bamboo Down Under came as a flicker of inspiration from Rick's wife Lisa, as she was brainstorming business name ideas and the famous Men at Work song 'down under' came on the radio! Planting the beautiful display bamboo was priority #1, to have a showcase display of all bamboo that customers could enjoy and learn from, as well as building a new shed and gift shop. The property was built into the Retail Garden Centre at the front, and production nursery at the back of the property. After only a few years the business was expanding so rapidly, it was neccesary to move the Production and Wholesale side of the business to a secondary site!



Mudgeeraba Production and Wholesale nursery was the 'second stage' of Bamboo Down Under, allowing the business to grow, expand and to maximise customer sales to meet the demand of our wholesale industry. Work began in 2008 to separate the two nurseries between retail and wholesale production. Wongawallan was destined to become a true retail garden centre and tourist destination of 'all things bamboo'. While still operating as a general nursery filled with tropical and sub tropical plants, Rick's vision has always been that Bamboo Down Under Retail be a unique blend of eco-tourism, botanical gardens, Garden Centre, bamboo style theme park and of course a Giftshop filled to the brim with all things made from bamboo.​



Bamboo Down Under started as a small family business that has expanded to be the leading supplier of bamboo in Retail and Wholesale within Australia. Bamboo Down Under has been proudly awarded the “Best Specialist Garden Centre in Queensland” at the Nursery & Garden Industry Awards! Both nurseries are still expanding and developing into bigger and better businesses. Wongawallan's landscape will almost constantly change with an ever evolving range of gardens, exhibits, displays, and bamboo forests. We are already planning years ahead for when we build an onsite cafe and eco friendly bamboo showroom!

We encourage everyone to experience our retail garden centre and display gardens at 930 Tamborine - Oxenford Rd, Wongawallan, open 9am - 5pm, 7 days a week. You can spend many enjoyable hours strolling through the Rainforest Walk, Enchanted Forest, Crazy Bamboo Maze, Meditation Garden and Bamboo Tunnel. Shop for all your garden needs in our garden centre and a browse through our unique Giftshop is a must to visit, as it features an extensive range of bamboo products, buddhas and all things feng-shui. One could not possibly leave without visiting our extremely unique restroom for a little piece of bali style tranquility.