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Not sure which bamboo is for you? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are trained in species identification, selection & best uses for all species of bamboo. They can help find which bamboo is perfect for your needs. Plus, they know all the right questions to ask to make this an easy task! 

Screening Bamboo

Grow a bamboo privacy screen or hedge using non-invasive clumping bamboo. Block out neighbours, cover a fence, create a noise barrier, make a windbreak, fill a gap in the garden etc

Bamboo For Pots & Troughs

Need to grow a privacy screen but don't have the ground space available to plant into? Grow one of these beautiful species of bamboo in pots or troughs instead!

Ornamental Bamboo

Want to grow a beautiful colourful black, gold or blue bamboo? Or showcase some tropical leaves and stripes stems? Choose one of these beautiful ornamental clumping bamboo

Ground Cover Bamboo

These beautiful little plants are grown like true ground covers, spreading and filling up pots, rock walls, banks, between paths & pavers, contained garden beds, areas you don't want to mow etc

Running Bamboo

Create a walk through forest or grove on acreage & large blocks, or plant these beautiful running bamboo species in pots to keep them contained