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How to make your garden look nice in time for Christmas

It can sometimes be daunting, trying to get your garden looking nice in time for Christmas!

Whether you like to host your Christmas lunch outdoors, or simply use your backyard to play a game of cricket on Christmas day, every Australian likes to have their garden looking nice before this time of year.

So to help those of you wanting to know how to make your garden look nice in time for Christmas, we've put together an easy three step process to do just this!


Identify any plants that have had their day and are past their best, as well as those that could use a hair cut. Remove or trim as necessary and don't be afraid to be ruthless! Some tough love will pay off in the long run - we promise.


Take some photos of your garden once there is some room for new plants and bring them down to our Retail Garden Centre on the Gold Coast. We can advise on the best plants for each position based off of your vision. Bring along any examples you like of other gardens too!


Treat your new plants (and the plants that are left after your culling) to the below:

1. Compost

2. Mulch

3. Fertiliser

Many people forget that their garden needs some TLC touch ups throughout the year, and buying some good quality compost, mulch and fertiliser can make all of the difference!

We have everything you need to touch up your garden before Christmas here at Bamboo Down Under on the Gold Coast. Visit us at our Retail Garden Centre on the Gold Coast 7 days a week 9am-5pm and our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist!


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