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Growing Veggies and Herbs in Containers

With the trend towards smaller house blocks, growing your vegetables in pots and troughs is an attractive proposition.

The benefits are many!

Such as being able to follow the sun through the seasons, giving more sunlight during winter, and avoiding the harsh sun of the summer. Another great benefit is using a lot less soil or potting mix, as well as having control over the amount of water needed.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Pots can be raised to make it much easier to tend to your plants without having to bend down to a lower position – great for saving those precious knees! Works for me!

There is almost no veggie or herb that can’t be grown in a container. Leaf crops such as Lettuce, Silver Beet, Asian Greens, Spinach and Rocket are ideal as they are quite shallow-rooted and fast growing. Tomatoes are terrific as well, with the Cherry Tomatoes not growing too tall. The larger growing varieties can grow on a tripod of stakes or a metal frame, which come in a range of different shapes. If using large containers, the leafy crops can be used as an understory for the larger

produce such as Tomatoes.

Use a good quality potting medium, such as Coco Pro, and mix in some ActivGrow organic fertiliser, and you’re on your way. Liquid feed with organic 5 in 1 to strengthen the plants and improve the quality of the fruit.

Growing your own veggies and herbs can be a lot of fun, and offers you fresh and tasty produce year-round, as well as saving lots of money! Have fun planting!

"What you plant now, you will have harvest later".


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