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Getting ready for Spring!

With Spring just around the corner, now is a great time of year to start prepping your garden ready!

Below are three important elements we recommend focusing on in order to do your Spring preparation right.


Sharpen the shears because now is the time to trim! Remove spent flower stems and also any unwanted growth now for lush spring renewal. Remember, how you prune and how much depends on the plant.

In our climate here on the Gold Coast in Australia, it's best to be cruel to be kind. Hard pruning is generally best because of our long periods of growing time. It's no good giving it a good trim and then needing to do it again 5 minutes later! The best way to decide on how much to prune is to look at the bush or tree and imagine where the growth may be at he end of next Autumn, after the winter pruning and new growth.


After pruning comes the feeding, which means enriching the soil and encouraging the new growth to sustain it through a hot summer. Keeping it organic will help satisfy the cravings of the plants and not upset the makeup of the soil. Spread some mineral Garden Delight around and follow that with some cow manure. Grab a fork and open up the soil creating some small pockets for the oxygen to get into the garden and allowing the goodies and moisture to penetrate the root area.


Mulching is one of the most important things you will do in your garden as it insulates soil in winter, keeps the moisture in during the heat and suppresses the weeds. A lot of plants have their feeding roots close to the surface and they need to be protected. Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch is the best all round mulch for for ornamental or veggie gardens and it is very cost effective and eco friendly. You can get a free bale of Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch for a limited time at our Retail Garden Centre when you purchase two bags of Rocky Point Tomato & Herb Mix.

If you are lSo there you go, your Spring garden prep done in 3 easy steps!

Feel free to visit our Retail Garden Centre in Wongawallan on the Gold Coast (QLD) for all of your garden needs!


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