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Father's Day Gift Ideas

It's always tricky buying presents for special occasions, especially Father's Day!

There are not too many people who don't like plants, and the joy and satisfaction they can bring.

For dad, fruit trees are well worth considering as there is a wide variety available this time of year and there's usually something for everyone. This blog will take a look at a few ideas!

In the citrus family there are many fruits, both normal sized trees and dwarf varieties. Tasty Mandarins, as well as Oranges, Limes and Lemons. Lemonicious is a terrific variety if space is an issue, because it will happily grow in a pot and produce normal sized fruit. Or how about the delicious Native Finger Lime which once you've tasted, you'll never go back to buying limes from Coles again! This lime variety is native and therefore tough, plus as a bonus it fruits at a young age and has little insect problems.

Avocado plants are also very popular, with the Hass variety being the most well known as it is sold in just about every supermarket or fruit shop. These plants are self-fertile so one plant can give you loads of fruit in a relatively short amount of time. Simply grow one of these beauties in a large pot with quality potting mix, or in a well drained, sunny spot in the garden.

Another idea that may appeal to you is buying dad a trough and some veggie and herb pots to fill it with!

Creating a mini vegetable or herb garden with a loved one is a lot of fun and is something you can do as a family.

Basil, Coriander and Thyme are all great herbs to start off with and as your dad's confidence as a gardener grows, so can the variety in your mini herb garden!

We have a great range of fruit trees, and herb & veggie pots and punnets in stock at our Retail Garden Centre in Wongawallan on the Gold Coast, so why not drop in before Father's Day and grab dad a gift he will love?


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