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Being A Good Neighbour with Your Privacy Choices

With the modern way of smaller blocks and bigger houses, predictably some challenges will come up. One of these, of course, is getting your own privacy and allowing your neighbour to have theirs. This can be a touchy issue and some clear thinking is needed to resolve the issue without hurting anyones feelings. Perhaps you're wondering... should we raise the height of the fence? Grow some climbers? Or should we plant something that will grow tall enough to give us our private space?

The thing to remember is that your neighbour probably wants their privacy just as much as you do! So having a friendly chat about it is the ideal way to solve the issue, if its possible. There are some great plants to do the job - especially ones that are fast growing and cost effective.

One of the best choices out there is clumping, non invasive bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world! We have a range called 'The Good Neighbour Range" thats ideal for the job. With varieties like Chinese Dwarf, Malay Dwarf Variegated, Boniopsis, Aussie Gold and Gracilis, there is a variety to cater to all gardens.

Quick, low maintenance, long lived, non invasive, attractive... ah.. you beauty, just what you need to keep everybody happy! They are also one of the only choices for super narrow gardens when alot of height is needed without the dense/width of traditional hedges. The best thing is you can also trim them to the perfect height to maximise your screening + minimise any blocking of views. And you have the option to thin them out to allow some sunshine and breeze to come through! Get the best of what you need and remove what you don't. Or, simply let them grow natural if it isn't impacting either your or the neighbour! Easy garden maintenance!

It probably sounds like we go on about bamboo... but whats not to like! Think about it, clumping bamboo is basically a hedge without having to shape or prune it if you can't be bothered. You can chuck some fertiliser and water on it in its early stages, and when its more mature simply leave it alone! You can even use the spent leaf drop as its own mulch!

Of course, if you are still not sure about bamboo after that glowing review.... there are alot of other plants to do the job. The family of Lilypillys have numerous varieties which are beautiful and effective. One of our favourites is called Lulu that has stunning semi weeping foliage with red new growth and grows to around 3-4mtrs tall. Another favourite is a plant called Emerald Lustre, which is a Viburnum - big shiny lime green leaves growing on a robust shrub 3 metres tall and 2 metres wide. We love this shrub because its tough, looks fantastic and as an added bonus - it has fragrant cream flowers in late winter/spring! As well as that, you don't need to hedge it, simply cut out the odd branch that wants to rebel and you're done! Plus the stems are soft wood and easy to cut!

So all in all, there are plenty of ways to achieve your privacy screen with plants in the garden and to make sure everyones happy and everyones got their privacy!

Which one suits your needs most? Check out our range in store or if you need a hand deciding - we are here to help!

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