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Our range of products has been specifically stocked to best serve bamboo, and the tropical/ sub tropical plants we stock.  We not only recommend these products, we use them! Browse our range, or ask us which one would suit your needs best!

Coco Pro

Versatile potting mix for indoor and outdoor plants, slow controlled release fertiliser with unique blend of coconut fibre and chip.

$15 / 2 for $28

Bonsai Cacti Succulent Potting Mix 22ltrs

Idea for all Cacti and Succulent in pots or hangers.

Contains 3 months fertiliser


Garden Soil 30ltr

Garden Soil is an organic blend to bulk up your garden beds or replace terrible soil. Suitable for all gardens. Best used in conjunction with mushroom compost for tropical plants and bamboo.

$10 / 3 for $25

Mushroom Compost 25ltr

Mushroom Compost is full of nutritious organic matter to improve your garden health and growth. It is the best choice to mix with your soil for tropical plants and bamboo. Helps to retain moisture within the soil.

$8 / 3 for $20

Cow Manure 25ltr

Cow Manure is a certified organic registered garden product; a nutrient enriched premium blend of fully composted, matured cow manure, providing a safe nutrient rich soil conditioner for all gardens. It will also increase water holding capacity and microbial activity while boosting nutrition. This product is safe for all plants, but is especially beneficial to vegie gardens.

$8 / 3 for $20

Sugarcane Mulch JUMBO BALE

This is a quality mulch, certified organic, suitable for all plants. It is the best choice for bamboo when planting. It has less dust for easy spreading. It helps retain moisture in the ground and reduces weeds. One bale can do up to 24 sq/meters 

$18 2 / $30

Eco Potting Mix 25ltr

A great general potting mix for most subtropical plants. Use an additional soil conditioner for the best long life results. Contains fertiliser and water crystals.

$6 / 3 for $15

ActivGrow 30L

Environmentally friendly and perfect for improving health of treid soil, containing a blend of composted chicken and cow manure, organic compost, clinker, zeolite, gypsum, calcium, seaweed, molasses, silica, soft rock phosphate, sulphate of potash, meat meal, bone meal, carbon and active microbes

$10 / 2 for $18

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Stock availability, pricing and sizing are subject to change without notice. 

For more information, please contact us directly.

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