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The Benefits of Bamboo you never knew....

Many people are still unaware of Bamboo's benefits and may even be under the impression that Bamboo is not the ideal plant and difficult to manage. Well, it is our mission today to set the message straight.

There are two types of Bamboo varieties Running Bamboo and Clumping Bamboo. Running Bamboo may cause a few issues if planted in the wrong space, although very beautiful, it does take over, drop many leaves, and can be difficult to remove. Clumping Bamboo, on the other hand, is a dream, the go-to when you're looking for a plant for hedging or fixing privacy issues.

Many Clumping Bamboo species are non-invasive. They have shallow roots and non-invasive root balls and grow in a neat circular footprint. Once planted, they will stay put, which is your perfect solution for creating privacy or protection from wind and sun. Clumping Bamboo may also improve your health as it purifies your air up to 3 times more effectively than any other garden plant. It will cool your yard by up to 8 degrees and because of its good looks will add a stunning designer feel to your outdoor space.

Below are two of the most popular varieties of Clumping Bamboo and their unique features that will benefit you when creating your ideal outdoor space.


  • #1 best selling bamboo

  • best Bamboo for screening between 2-8 mtrs

  • naturally upright growth with attractive bushy green foliage

  • perfect for narrow areas, garden beds, pots and troughs

  • rapid growth can be fully grown within 18-24 months

  • low maintenance and drought tolerant once established

  • salt-tolerant suitable for beachy coastal areas

  • ideal for around a pool


  • best selling short bamboo for screening between 2-4 mtrs

  • naturally upright growth with a golden stripe on the lower culm

  • perfect for narrow areas, garden beds, pots and troughs

  • rapid growth can be fully grown with 18-24 months

  • super low maintenance and drought tolerant once established.

Getting the correct advice on which species of Bamboo is right for you is the key. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are trained in species identification, selection, and best uses for all Bamboo species. For more information about Bamboo, please drop in and see us at our Retail Garden Centre at Wongawallan.


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