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Hanging Plants add a burst of life to your home!

Adding a botanical burst to your home with indoor plants will not only improve your wellbeing and general health because of their air-purifying properties but will also give your home a sense of design and atmosphere.

Eye catching displays are created with a mixture of different styles of plants, all shapes and sizes, hung from the ceiling at various heights. There are many types of plants that work perfectly in hanging pots, and when placed together, the room quickly transforms, and the space goes from drab to fab and your indoor jungle is alive.

Your indoor jungle won’t be complete without a selection from our favourite top 5 plants for hanging.

  1. Devil’s Ivy – A hearty creeper which thrives indoors in little light and minimal water (can be toxic to humans and pets)

  2. Silver Falls – Is a trailing plant and loves the indoors in a nice sunny room.

  3. String of Pearls – A succulent that is super easy to care for, perfect for beginners.

  4. Boston Fern – Perfect for the bathroom, because they love indirect sunlight and humid conditions.

  5. Burro’s Tail – Eye-catching succulent, the longer it grows the better it looks, and lives well positioned in the sunshine. (pictured right)

Once you’ve decided on your new additions it’s time to choose the correct hanging pots for them to live in, and like the plants themselves, there are many different varieties to suit your style and taste. When choosing your hanger remember to make sure that the pot is lined so water is not lost as most plants like to stay moist, also plants do get quite heavy as they grow so ensure your pot is lightweight to avoid, a fall.

Below is an example of a few we love.

  1. Hanging Baskets

  2. Macramé plant hangers

  3. Clay pots

  4. Glass domes

Your indoor greenery will add such a wonderful sense of serenity to your home, whist also bringing instant life with the feeling of the outside now in, making an environment we all desire to live in.

For more tips and advice on creating a healthy and lush indoor jungle drop in and see the team at Bamboo Down Under, your local family-owned garden centre!


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