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Bring the outdoors in with spectacular feature plants.

Are you starting the new year with a home decor makeover? Wanting to feel nature all around you? Then these amazing plants are the answer, bold, colourful and ready to become the star of your home.


The Rubber Plant

Bring good fortune, prosperity and positivity into your home with this Feng Shui Plant. The Rubber Plant is good looking and good for your health as it's considered an air purifier. It's very low maintenance, with 1-2 week watering schedule. Place this plant in an area of your home that receives medium direct sunlight and watch it grow, outdoors this plant can reach up to 7 meters tall, but in a pot indoors much smaller. All in all, if you are looking for good vibes, clean air and a low maintenance plant for your home, the Rubber Plant is the way to go.


Zanzibar Gem

Three words to describe this super cool indoor beauty. Tolerant, Interesting and Therapeutic.

The Zanzibar Gem will bring style to your space and purity to your air. Tolerant because it is so easy to look after, only needing to be watered once a week and does not require a lot of sunlight. It's interesting because of its designer looks and glossy deep green long succulent stems, that reach around 900mm.

Therapeutic because this very talented plant is known as an air purifier.


The Never Never Plant

Another South America beauty with attractive variegated foliage. Ctenanthe will spread to just under 2 meters in size and no more than 45 cms in height. With moderate indirect natural light and just enough water to stay moist, this plant will remain evergreen and a stunning lifetime addition to your home.


Giant Bird of Paradise

You really can't get much better than these, their beauty and stature in the outdoors are magnificent, and even more stunning when used indoors in a decorative pot. The Giant Bird of Paradise will bring instant height to your space, and a feeling of the tropics.

Originally from South Africa, this plant will get to heights of approximately 182cm, and when it receives enough daily sunlight, you'll be rewarded with a unique bird-like white and blue flower, so make sure you position it near a window.


Dwarf Elephant Ear

This stunning tropical plant is very versatile as it can live outdoors and makes an amazing statement when placed in a pot and grown indoors. It's elephant ear-shaped leaves and deep green colour are so appealing, and because it only grows to 1 meter tall, it fits perfectly in any room with natural filtered light. Keep this gorgeous plant well moist in the warmer months and reduce watering during the cooler ones. Teamed with the right pot to suit your home's decor, it will be the talking point of many gatherings and an admired feature of your home.


Zebra plant

Usually found in the jungle at the base of large tree trunks, the Calathea is now one of the most popular indoor varieties and with the correct amount of water and air temperature it will flourish in your home. Reaching heights of approximately 60cm, this low light-loving plant makes a striking feature because of its broad fluorescent stripy green leaves.

For more information about any of these plants, drop in and see the team at our Retail Garden Centre at Wongawallan.


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