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4 Easy Steps to Create A Water Garden

There is nothing better then having a water feature in the garden, no other single feature of an outdoor space that can transform a backyard into a natural environment and create such a fulfilling sensory experience.

It could be anything from a large bowl with still water to a cascading water feature falling into a large pond... or anything in between! Creating a water garden can seem intricate and difficult from afar but with a few easy steps and a knowledgable local garden centre *wink wink* it can become an enjoyable and simple process. Plus, gardening is about enjoying the journey just as much as enjoying what you create. We have truly simplified this process into 4 easy steps that it almost seems too easy!

STEP 1 Decide what sort of pond or owl you want and find a good spot. Keep in mind how much time or maintenance you may want to invest in your water garden, and what about of exposure your garden has to the elements. In a semi sunshine, semi shadey position can be great.

STEP 2 Put a reasonable layer of gravel in the base, pebbles 2-3mm in size are good.

STEP 3 Select from the garden centre what type of water plants you like - have a look at the variance in height, width, leaf size and shape, colour and flowering potential. Keep in mind that around 70% of the water surface needs to be covered to create an ideal environment. This can be from potted plants or from free floating aquatics.

STEP 4 Fill with fresh water and for a bonus, add in a few fish if you like! Remember that a happy eco system is all about balance, so you need lots of plants and not too many fish for everything to thrive.

And there you have it! An easy 4 steps to create a water garden to transform your yard into a natural haven.

If you need help choosing what type of pond to have, where to put it, what plants to choose or even how to arrange it, please come in or ring up to have a chat and get some great advice.


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