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All I Want for Christmas is... A Nice Garden! 5 Steps Gift Wrapped into 1 Blog!

We might not be able to giftwrap it... but we wish you a very Merry Christmas as we gift you 5 steps on how to achieve the nice garden on your wish list this holiday season!

It can sometimes be daunting, trying to work out how to improve your garden and make it look like how it does in your head... Follow this easy five step process and your garden can look fresh and new for when the in-laws arrive at Christmas-time.

Step 1: Spruce! Have a quick squiz around the garden and identify any plants that have had their day and are past their best... as well as any that could use a hair cut. Remove or trim as necessary and remember, be ruthless! A bit of tough love will pay off in the long run. You still have 6 weeks for things to spring back to life (so the sooner you tick off step 1 the better the reveal come Christmas!) Keep in mind, glancing at some plants that are a little bare is far better then glancing at some who are in desperate need of some maintenance.

Step 2: Photo Time!

Take some photos of the parts that stand out the most to you - they might be a little empty, they might be right next to the outdoor dining section. Bring these photos in (or email them if you aren't a local) and we can advise on the best plants for each position - including those that will give you the best effect by Christmas time. Have a think about the 'look' you are after and what your budget might be for each space.

Step 3: Place Before You Plant! Take your new green babies home with some of what they need: compost, mulch and fertiliser. Place them in position first and make sure you are happy with the look! For a modern or traditional garden, placing things in even numbers and neatly spaced looks best. For a tropical or relaxed garden, use odd numbers and give your plants a little bit of a random spacing. They will fill out on their own and create a lush, natural vibe. Spacing things before you plant gives you the opportunity to adjust as needed, fiddle around, swap them around and settle on the perfect setting before they get planted into their new home.

Step 4: Give Them A New Home Plant them all in using some compost plus fertiliser and finish with a good thick covering of mulch - follow our planting guide for the best advice (given at time of purchase). The best thing you can do is plant well! A great spot suited to the plant, with a greatly dug hole, with great soil + compost mixture, with great watering = a great plant and great results!

Step 5: TLC This is the best part. Stand back with the hose, water and admire.... and a sprinkle of Seasol once a week will be your best friend. Seasol is fantastic at settling plants in after planting shock, stimulating the roots for new growth and most importantly (considering we have 6 weeks to give you the garden of your dreams) is the seaweed concentrate GREENS up all your foliage! Ensure you feature some bright, shiny and luscious green plants that you can proudly show off on Christmas. Adding some Garden Mate rock minerals will be worth its weight in gold for all the amazing benefits it can add to the garden - in 6 weeks and also long term.

And remember, a good garden should be always evolving, with some long term plants that remain for years, and others that are changed from time to time. Its good to give a freshen up and 'edit' any plants that aren't happy where they are or you aren't happy where they are!

We would love to see before and after pics too.. so don't forget to stand back and take some overall snaps of the garden before you start, and after the holiday season!

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