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Lets Clear the Air with Indoor Plants

So what is an indoor plant? Well, technically speaking no plant is! All plants have their natural outdoor habitat, however there are some fantastic plants that are well suited to be grown indoors or on a verandah.

So, why have indoor plants? They can beautify the area, compliment the decor, have a calming effect for our mental health and improve the quality of our day to day lives.

But one of the top reasons, and a very important one, is that they help purify and filter the air around us. Just as trees and shrubs outside take in the bad air and breath out the good, so indoor plants do the same. And because indoor plants generally may be in a captured area like a lounge room, kitchen or bedroom, the benefit is even greater. We would all be surprised to truly discover the quantity and variety of air pollutants that may be found in our homes, and plants are amazing at helping to remove the baddies. Below is a list of plants that even NASA have said are excellent in improving the air quality in our homes, and they look great too!

Philodendrons They come in many shapes and sizes and are very adaptable to a lot of areas. They are well loved for their large leaves often giving them the nickname of Elephant Ears. Philodendrons have thick glossy leaves in a variety of shapes that create a stunning architectural effect. Below is a Rojo Congo with pretty red stems and lush green leaves.

Bamboo Palms One of the best for taking the nasties out of the air, and they are also one of the toughest indoor palms! They are also excellent humidifiers. Bamboo palms feature graceful slender branches with a mass of foliage, ideal for tight spaces and a bushy effect. For true bamboo lovers who are desperate to have a bamboo inside, Bamboo Palms are the best recommendation.

Giant Strelitzia (Giant Bird of Paradise) If you want a plant that makes a statement, this is it. Huge leaves that purify the air and add the tropics to our homes. These plants make the perfect feature for large rooms, patios or verandahs. They can be trimmed up neat and sparse for a popular minimalist effect.

Peace Lilys

These beauties are a well know favourite for the coffee table, kitchen bench, well lit bathroom etc. They have lovely white flowers which are a are a bonus on this bushy plant. Peace Lilys can be a great starting plant for beginners with their tough easy going nature.

So, there you have it, indoor plants, a must for every home! If you are looking to bring a new plant home with you, check out our range at our Wongawallan Garden Centre!

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