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Grow Your Own Passionfruit Vine with These 5 Tips!

Growing passionfruit in the garden can be very rewarding. Not only is it great to be able to pick fruit from your own yard, these beautiful plants are excellent for privacy screens & creating shade, and are very attractive with stunning flowers!

There are many varieties to choose from and ultimately it comes down to a matter of taste. One variety, Panama Red, produces huge fruit with masses of sweet tasting pulp on a vigorous, lush vine. A fantastic choice for every garden!

So the question is, how best to grow them? Follow these top 5 tips to create the healthiest and most sweet growing passionfruit in your own garden.

1. SUN

Passionfruit love a sunny position, so make sure you chose an area that gets enough warm sunshine each day.


It is important to give your passionfruit enough nutrients to thrive. They love a rich soil, with added manure and possibly some mushroom compost mixed through.


Throughout the warm weather ensure you water regularly, giving them a deep soak in extended dry weather periods.


Make sure there is a thick layer of quality mulch, such as Sugar Cane, to keep the roots protected, cool in summer/warm in winter and to keep the soil nutritious.


Give the vine plenty of room to grow. If space permits, grow your vine horizontally, such as over an arbour, so that you can grow shade loving plants underneath and create a cool area to place a seat for those hot subtropical days!

Don't have a passionfruit vine yet? Select a great variety from our Wongawallan Garden Centre, with Panama Red Vines only $5 for April! We love seeing your results, so send us in pictures and let us know how you grow!

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