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3 Steps to Spruce Your Garden In Time For Christmas This Year!

Can you believe Christmas is only 91 days away! Luckily for you thats a full 3 months of time to spruce your garden before the family arrives on the big day. Don't be embarrassed by the state of your backyard this year, create an outdoor space you can be proud to show off to the in-laws.

Step 1: Green It Up!

Almost nothing makes neighbours more envious then you showing off your lush, thick, tropical green patch of lawn.. especially in a time of drought! But how can you possibly green up your grass and hedges without spending $$$ on the water bill? There are two products that make a huge difference without breaking the bank. Seasol, the good old seaweed liquid and Garden Delight, a natural rock minerals + plant matter food that comes in the form of a dust. Both of these products are natural, wholesome products to enrich the growing environment for plants and encourage them to green up, strengthen and thrive in tough environments. And you can use them both with minimal water - without stressing your plants like fertiliser can! Start applying both now, monthly, to have beautiful lush lawn this Christmas.

Step 2: Add A Dash Of Colour & Flowers

You don't have to plant hundreds of trees and shrubs to achieve a nice garden. Placing just a few select flowering or colourful plants in key areas of the yard can brighten up any dull space and create feature focal points. Some of our favourites are Heliconia tropics, Heliconia hot rio nights, Cordyline negra, Cordyline, Silverplum bromeliads and neoregelia bromeliads. Place them in areas of the garden where there might be a gap, a corner, where the eye-line naturally goes from the kitchen window... those sorts of spots.

Step 3: Create Some Summer Shade There is nothing worse then sitting around after a delicious filling Christmas lunch sweltering in the heat, squinting your eyes into the bright sun and eventually having to retreat inside. A hot Aussie Christmas is all about the beautiful afternoons, watching the kids jump on the trampoline or playing a family game with the new cricket set. Make your outside space cool & breezy by ensuring you have natural shade from taller greenery. Planting now means you have a few months of spring growth to achieve it! Some great suggestions for what to plant now are Goldstripe bamboo, Golden Cane palms, Lillypillys and Heliconia Hot Rio Nights. Or, plant a spectacular Ghost bamboo for a taller canopy you can achieve by next Christmas!

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