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Why Autumn is Natures Time to Plant!

Spring is the time when nature blooms, bees buzz and everyone enjoys the wonderful outdoors. Spring has held the monopoly of our gardening time pretty much forever and despite what your favourite grandma always told you about spring spring spring, there IS another great time to garden.

Move over September-October-November, cause you need to share the outdoor time with our new friend Autumn (aka March-April-May).

Let us tell you why...

In Autumn, the ground is still warm from Summer with the promise of some lovely rain to wet in the new roots of your planted greens.

In Spring, plants are already BLOOMING, so putting new plants in the garden at the same that the cycles of life are wanting them to grow, can tend to be a little stressful.

Avoid that by planting in Autumn. This gives your new plants months to relax, unwind, uncurl their roots into some welcoming warm soil and get comfortable for the long haul. After that comes a nice 3 month long winter to hibernate, absorb the fertiliser and mulch you so kindly gave them and seriously strengthen those roots. This is natures time.

And after all that, Spring perks up and your settled in, strengthened plants jump for joy and grow like crazy because they have the energy to back it up!! No more growing wonky or flowering before their roots are down. Your Autumn babies have a one-up on the Spring time additions and can now flourish as they should.

Now that said, your gardens in the spring time shouldn't get any less love. We are simply recommending to add a little love in the Autumn time and be pleased with your results year round. We know you will be!

Any questions? Just ask. We love to help out and customer service is kind of our thing. So give us a bell, flick us an email or drop in and say hi.

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