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3 Ways To Keep A Low-Maintenance Garden

Enjoy your garden more by spending less time in it!

Wouldn't it be great to sit back & enjoy your home and garden without constantly thinking "agghhhhh I must get around to doing that" and mentally check listing all the things that are needing attention this weekend... amiright?

If you could plant the garden of your dreams, get the privacy screening your heart desires AND minimise the time you spend out in the garden - why wouldn't you?? At Bamboo Down Under, we are all for better gardens, less work. So below we have put together for you: 3 ways to keep a low-maintenance garden.

1. Keep It Regular, Keep It Consistent

I hate to break it to you, but most often it is our own neglect that can turn a 5 minute job into a 5 hour job... simply but not keeping of top of it. Think of your cars folks... if you don't return for the regularly scheduled tune ups, it won't take long for your car to accumulate some far worse mechanical issues. Same with plants. A little regular TLC, scheduled when you know they need it, can minimise the time you spend in the garden AND maximise your relax and recharge time on Saturday mornings. If you know your favourite hedge likes a little trim every few months, make sure you do so before she becomes a wild beast that needs hours of taming.

2. Water Before They Wilt

This one goes for indoor and outdoor plants. When the weather turns and we are hot & thirsty, don't forget that your plants are too! You wouldn't refuse yourself water for days when you need it, so don't do it to your green friends! It can be easy to forget them until they are wilted, curled, drooped, and practically begging for water... but often this is past the point of a quick perk up. If you keep them hydrated, before they are desperate, you'll keep your plants happy longer, alive longer, less stressed and more lush.

3. Use Garden Mate Rock Minerals

This wonderful product should be worth its weight in gold (but thankfully its actually quite economical). We first used it in our own gardens, fell deeply in love and started stocking it by the pallet. The product itself is a dust, crushed rock minerals, that you lightly spread around soil and plants. It helps soooo much stuff, particularly softening clay, improving earth worm activity, increasing fertility and nutrients in the soil, helping your plants stay greener, healthier, stronger, more resilient through stressful time (aka when you ignore them for months) and can be used on anything. And I mean, anything. Sprinkle this stuff all over your bamboo, lawn, fruit trees, hedges, flowering plants, pot plants - all areas of your living outdoors will love it and benefit from it. Using this product once every 2-3 months will improve all areas of happiness for your plants and minimise so much effort otherwise. Give a little, get a lot.

Theres a saying that on any to-do-list, there is 1 task, 2 tasks, 3 tasks, TOO MANY. If you keep it 3 or under, its manageable. And as long as you actually DO these 3 tips, your garden will be manageable too!

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