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The New Way to Browse Bamboo Down Under

The shortcoming of the industry

In an industry where the products we sell are living breathing thriving plants that require garden-savvy green thumb staff, it is fairly common for the marketing side of a nursery business to fall off to the wayside. How many Gen X garden lovers do you know who are also tech-savvy IT geniuses?!

The good news is, a fair few of these Gen X nursery owners do have children who grow up to be the tech-savvy IT geniuses the company needs, or, they hire an up-and-coming plant lover who grew up in the new tech age. Bamboo Down Under (a family owned business) was fortunate enough to have not one but two daughters who grew up in the business, grew up loving plants and had a natural flair for technology.

The solution we are proud to create

Blending the new technology with the 20+ years experience in bamboo, we created a mobile-friendly, user-friendly and visually enjoyable website for all our bamboo lovers out there. Something that is modern, clean, easy to navigate and of course full of content to showcase our beautiful bamboo.

Therefore, we present

Our brand new website We continuously strive to make this the best, easy platform for our regulars to use and an enticing tool for any and all new customers. So any user feedback or suggestions are welcome!

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