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Easy Ways to Winter-Proof Your Garden

It's easy for us to sit back and enjoy the winter garden, thinking that there is not much to do in the outdoor area this time of the year. To a great extent that is true, and this is an ideal time just for a bit of a cleanup, and a ponder about what we might do to change or improve our outdoor area come the spring.

But early winter is also the time to think about how we can help the garden through these cooler months. We are blessed with some lovely winter weather here on the Gold Coast Australia, although it can get chilly at times, and the soil cools down quite a bit.

See below for our top tips to winter-proof your garden!

See What Pests Are Hanging Around -

Look at any nasties that may still be using your garden as their home! Scale insects, aphids and mealybugs are a few pests that can tend to survive the winters. A good spray with Horticultural Oil (like Paraffin Oil) usually does the trick.

Apply Something To Keep Pests At Bay

A dressing of Garden Mate Minerals is a great organic way to keep those unwanted guests at bay, instead of using any strong fertilisers at this time of year when the plants generally don't need them.


One of the most important jobs in the garden in winter is making sure there is a good thick covering of mulch to insulate the soil and keep it as warm as possible, just like blankets do for us! Sugar Cane Mulch works very well, or if you like a darker mulch cypress or tea tree are both particularly good. Make sure it is a good covering, 75 - 110mm is ideal.

Ease up on Watering

This can sometimes be tricky as things can still dry out, but it is not good for the soil to be continually wet. Try watering in the morning rather than at night, and it is better to be selective, as some plants will need only light watering around this time.

Foliar Feed Your Garden

A great liquid fertiliser can go a long way in winter. We recommend One Organic Liquid fertiliser, as it is safe on all plants.

So, there you have it, some quick and easy tips for getting your garden ready for winter!

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