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Autumn - A Great Time to Plant

We see lots of advertising and promotion geared towards Spring planting, but did you know the best time to plant is right now?! Autumn is a fantastic time of the year to get into your outdoor area and get your hands dirty!

Why is it a good time?

At this time of the year, the weather is more stable, with good rain, and the temperature is becoming pleasant. Most importantly, the ground is warm, giving your plants the ideal conditions to settle in and develop new roots and foliage. The consequent root growth means that come to Springtime, the progress of your garden is far more advanced and better placed to take up water and nutrients.

All these factors are ideal to create a sustainable garden that is set for success!

With the warmth in the earth, the fertilisers that you provide your garden can be used by the plants to full effect, meaning your plants have plenty of time to settle in and strengthen, preparing for the cooler weather in the coming months. Not only will a superior quality fertiliser improve your soil quality, but it will also aid in encouraging leafy green growth!

Autumn - The Season for Planting

The range of plants available this time of the year, and the quality, is excellent, so there are lots of reasons to get out there and enjoy!

Not sure where to start? Here at Bamboo Down Under, our helpful Retail Garden Centre Team are happy to help guide you! We have an extremely large variety of plants ready and waiting for their new forever home.

Pop by and see what we have available. Open 7 days.


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