Solve These Common Garden Problems

Gracilis in a Narrow Garden Bed

Ghost Bamboo with a Canopy for Shade

Beautiful Black Bamboo Feature

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Improve your quality of life in your own backyard with more privacy, cleaner air, restful shade and instant greenery. Walk out into a beautiful oasis of tropical, lush greenery and breath deep, knowing that it is yours to enjoy.


Clumping bamboo is the FASTEST GROWING LAND PLANT and is quickly becoming the most popular choice to provide privacy, shade, wind breaks and noise barriers to suburban gardens. It is a problem solving plant, with shallow, non invasive root balls, quick growth and low maintenance requirements once established. 


1. Lack of Privacy on Small Blocks

Grow a vertically upright privacy screen in only a narrow 400mm wide garden bed and QUICKLY! Plant a single story house screen of between 2 and 4 metres in height with Goldstripe bamboo, or a double story house screen of between 6 and 8 metres with Gracilis bamboo. You can achieve this in under 24 months (and even quicker by purchasing mature sized bamboo!)


2. Garden Beds Near Pipes, Pools and House Foundations

Clumping bamboo features a tight, fine and fibrous root ball, very similar to lawn roots. Being non-invasive, the roots will not search for underground piping, pool systems or push up pathways and house foundations. They neither have the strength nor density to do so. Clumping bamboo are a problem solving plant. Certain varieties are more suited to particular areas, so please speak to one of our staff members today to discuss your planting needs.

3. No Shade During Sweltering Summers

Choose a variety with a stunning canopy and create a shady oasis that can cool down your yard by up to 8 degrees in summer! Ghost bamboo features a stunning 6m wide canopy shape with 8-10 metres of height and a narrower base, allowing you to have the perfect space for table and chairs or kids playground directly under it and still have shade across your yard. If you are limited in room, planting even one or two of our upright bamboo species will solve your sweltering summers problem.

4. Noise Pollution From the Road or Neighbours

Thick and bushy bamboo varieties such as Malay Dwarf Variegated (4m) and Chinese Dwarf (3-4m) provide effective sound barriers & protection from wind. Hedge them to form a denser screen to the perfect height.

5. No Peace or Tranquility In Your Own Yard

Some varieties can grow THICK & DENSE hiding unsightly views, ugly fences or neighbouring property to create your own sanctuary. Easily trim-able to an ideal height, get your privacy without losing surrounding picturesque views. Chose from any of our 'Bamboo for Privacy' species in our products section.

6. Bare Blocks & Empty Garden Beds

Clumping bamboo is the FASTEST GROWING LAND PLANT IN THE WORLD and solve garden issues in an eco - friendly & non-invasive way. Bamboo is ideal for under-planting as it features the tight and fibrous root ball, and allows you to create a stunning, varied garden in your very own yard. Create an asian, tropical or sub tropical look instantly.