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With our blocks being sold smaller and our buildings being built taller, privacy is fast becoming an absolute necessity. 

There are loads of unsightly and expensive fences, walls, trellises and others sorts of options out there, but often they just decrease the ambience of your outdoor space and create even more of a boxed in feeling. A natural, living privacy screen is fast becoming the most coveted resource there is.

But there is just one question: "What can I plant that will give me privacy from my double storey neighbours, not cause my house foundations or fences any problems AND grow in the narrow space I have between my house and fence?!"
And there is only ONE answer: Gracilis Clumping Bamboo.

With it's narrow growing base; shallow, non invasive root balls; vertical upright growth habits; dense, green foliage; and fully grown height of 6-8 metres, Gracilis bamboo is the one and only plant that will solve your double storey privacy issues. It can be planted in a garden bed of only 400mm wide and where ground space is not available at all - you can also plant these in troughs for a similar effect!

Gracilis is one of the fastest growing and least maintenance requiring bamboos on the market AND its beautiful! It's latin name is derived from the word graceful with its truly graceful arching culms and pretty, lush green foliage.

AND its useful! You can trim out any of the bamboo culms and use them for stakes, building, arts and crafts and give them to the kids and watch their imagination run wild! Gracilis bamboo is often reffered to as Slender Weavers for its flexibility and ease of use when crafting something.

Speak to our staff members today about how Gracilis can transform your outdoor living space and look at Gracilis bamboo here

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