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Catalogues by Bamboo Down Under

Retail Prices based on 200 mm pot size. This is our Complete Catalogue of Bamboo Plants for sale at Retail prices.

Purchase 5 or more bamboos to receive a 10% discount (retail on 200 mm pots or bigger). Please contact us regarding larger sizes
Bamboo Species Typical Max Height (m) Max Culm Diameter (cm) Minimum Temp. (°C) Priced From (AU$) incl GST

Alphonse Karr

Bambusa multiplex alphonse karr is a great screening plant or small sized hedge.  It has a pinkish colour on the

4 m 3 cm -12 °C $44


Bambusa arnhemica is native to the top end of Australia. It grows along the river banks around Arnhem Land. You

10 m 10 cm -4 °C $88


Gigantochloa atter is a striking Indonesian timber and shoot species.  The poles are strong and the shoots edible. It grows very

12 m 10 cm -4 °C $55

Baby Panda Grass

Poganatherum panaceum  is actually a small clumping grass that looks a lot like bamboo. It make a great border

0.75 m 0.2 cm -4 °C $22


Bambusa chungii barbelletta is a small version of its parent plant, Chungii.  It is an extremely popular species

8 m 5 cm -8 °C $88

Black Asper

Dendrocalamus asper cv hitam is the worlds largest black bamboo. A great bamboo for arts and crafts, very strong culms. Also

15 m 12 cm -5 °C $88


Bambusa boniopsis grows to 4 mtrs in height and makes a fantastic screen

4 m 4 cm -7 °C $55


Dendrocalamus brandisii has the claim of being the tallest bamboo in the world. The shoots are edible and the poles are

30 m 15 cm -5 °C $66

China Gold

Bambusa eutuldoides var viridi-vittata is regarded as the most beautiful of all the clumping bamboos with its stunning lemon yellow

8 m 5 cm -5 °C $88

Chinese Dwarf

Bambusa guangxiensis, or Chinese Dwarf is a very interesting and different bamboo: it grows in a

3 m 1 cm -4 °C $44


Bambusa chungii is our 'Blue Bamboo' with a whitish blue plume on the stems, making this a very ornamental species. This

10 m 8 cm -10 °C $88


Bambusa Compacta is the newest release bamboo here at Bamboo Down Under. It is the

2 m 2 cm -4 °C $33

Dwarf Whitestripe

Pleioblastus fortunei is a stunning dwarf bamboo only growing to about 40cm in height.  It makes a wonderful ground cover

0.4 m 0.2 cm -12 °C $33


Bambusa textilis 'Fusca' is another textilis variety, and is very similar to the original textilis but a little smaller. 

10 m 5 cm -3 °C $88


Dendrocalamus minor var amoenus is a stunningly beautiful, ornamental, clumping bamboo that enhances almost any landscape situation.  It is one of the worlds

8 m 6 cm -7 °C $165

Giant Buddhas Belly

Bambusa vulgaris cv wamin is an interesting and unusual ornamental feature plant with bulbous belly like culms.   Loose clumping with a great canopy!   This

6 m 12 cm -4 °C $33


Bambusa textilis var glabra is our favourite looking of all the textilis family. It is more open then the others and has

10 m 5 cm -15 °C $132

Gold Stripe

Bambusa multiplex goldstripe is the ideal clumping bamboo species if you need an

3 m 2 cm -9 °C $79

Golden Goddess

Bambusa multiplex cv Golden Goddess is one of the few bamboos from the Multiplex family that we recommend. Most of them

3 m 1.5 cm -12 °C $44

Golden Painted

Bambusa vulgaris cv  vittata is a giant golden ornamental that gets very big  It can grow 8 mtrs across the base in

12 m 8 cm -4 °C $44


Bambusa textilis gracilis is our most popular bamboo and for good reason! Gracilis is the BEST bamboo available to block out unwanted

6 m 4 cm -15 °C $79

Green Ghost

Dendrocalamus minor  - this is the green version of Ghost Bamboo. It is the FASTEST growing bamboo I have ever seen.

12 m 8 cm -7 °C $88

Guada Angustifolia

Guadua angustifolia is a striking bamboo with a vibrant green, very upright culm with a thick white stripe around the internode. It is grown

15 m 20 cm 0 °C $88

Indonesian Asper

Dendrocalamus asper (Indonesia) do you want a BIG bamboo, a really BIG bamboo? This is the one for you. It is a very quick

18 m 15 cm -5 °C $88

Java Black

Gigantochloa atroviolacea is the best of all the black clumpers, with matte black culms with white rings around the internodes, this species makes a

10 m 8 cm -4 °C $176


Drepanostachyum khasianum has a very pretty weeping habit, with fine leaves and a petite form. The distinct white

4 m 1 cm -4 °C $66


Dendrocalamus latiflorus is the best of the large bamboos with large, tropical leaves and is an awesome sight when fully grown.  With the poles

14 m 15 cm -5 °C $132


Bambusa lignania fimbriligulatus   -  A very straight bamboo in habit, has purple shoots and strong poles. Great for the collector or

10 m 10 cm -7 °C $132


Gigantochloa lutriostriata is a great smaller bamboo for either screening or as a smaller garden feature with nice large tropical looking

5 m 3 cm -2 °C $55

Malay Dwarf

Bambusa heterostachya is a nice smaller bamboo - tight clumping and upright growing. If you after a smaller bamboo that

6 m 4 cm -2 °C $44

Malay Dwarf Variegated

Bambusa heterostachya variegated or Malay Dwarf Variegated will create a beautiful variegated hedge that is very dense and

3 m 4 cm -2 °C $44


Gigantochloa pseudoarundinacea  is a very beautiful bamboo that likes warmer weather. This large bamboo has striking green culms with white stripes making

12 m 10 cm -4 °C $66

Mei Nung

Dendrocalamus latiflorus mei nung is similar to the green Latiflorus, with striking dark green stripes on the green culms. This is

12 m 12 cm -5 °C $132


Neohouzeaua mekongensis is a smaller tropical looking bamboo from the Mekong Delta with large tropical looking leaves.  This variety is hard to propagate, so

8 m 5 cm -2 °C $66

Mexican Weeping

Otatea acuminata has the smallest and thinnest leaves of all the bamboos. It has a very interesting open clumping habit, taking up a

3 m 5 cm -7 °C $275


Thyrostachys siamensis  is a very upright bamboo with the tighest culms of any clumping bamboo I have seen. It is a

12 m 6 cm -4 °C $165

Murray Island

Schizostachyzum sp Murray Island  comes from Murray Island in the Torres Strait so we claim it as a native. It

4 m 2.5 cm -4 °C $44


Bambusa nana is one of the prettiest of the green bamboos and is very special looking with its

6 m 40 cm -4 °C $550

Nepalese Blue

Himalayacalamus porcatus is an outstanding smaller, ornamental bamboo, best in part shade.  A beautiful, delicate looking blue bamboo from Nepal, it is very

3 m 1 cm -4 °C $66

New Guinea Green

Nastus elatus comes from New Guinea. It is a very pretty bamboo with a very delicate long leaf, grey/green culms and a lovely

10 m 8 cm -4 °C $132


Phyllostachys nigra is one of the few running bamboos we sell, as it is the only black bamboo that

3 m 2 cm -7 °C $88


Bambusa oldhamii  is a great all round bamboo if you have the room. It grows too big to have on small

12 m 10 cm -9 °C $33


Bambusa oliveriana has very fine feathery leaves for its size which is the main reason why people like this plant. It's smaller leave distinguish

8 m 4 cm -4 °C $66

Sacred Bali

Schizostachyzum brachycladum is a very beautiful bamboo and is regarded as one of the best looking of the tropical clumping bamboos.  It's beautiful yellow

12 m 5 cm -2 °C $132

Silver Plum Bromeliad

Alcantarea Purpurea or the Silver Plum Bromeliad is a sun loving bromeliad growing to a span of more than 1.5 metres. The flower spike

2.5 m 0 cm 0 °C $45

Tiger Grass

Thysanolaena maxima is actually not a bamboo, but is a fast growing, luxuriantly foliaged, clumping, ornamental grass that does look like

3 m 1 cm -4 °C $33

Tiger Stripe

Tiger Stripe gets its name from the unique tiger like patterns on its culm sheeths, making an interesting feature! Growing to

6 m 5 cm -2 °C $66

Timor Black

Everyone's favourite clumping black bamboo!  Bambusa lako can grow to a beautiful feature in just 12-18 months and 12 metres tall

12 m 10 cm -4 °C $88

Wamin Striata

Bambusa vulgaris wamin striata is a great ornamental bamboo and a must for the serious collector. This species has the same

5 m 10 cm -4 °C $88


Bambusa textilis will grow to 10 mtrs in about 3 years and looks good all year round. Textiles forms a fantastic

12 m 5 cm -15 °C $75