Whiskey Barrells

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Statistics for Whiskey Barrells

Price (RRP)$90.00 Approx Height37 cm's Approx Width64 cm's Approx Length64 cm's
Price (RRP) Approx Height Approx Length Approx Width


These Whiskey Barrells are extremely realistic looking with a 'grain' throughout but have the benefit of being an extremely lightweight and durable plastic! They are easily manoeuvrable even when planted compared to heavy concrete pots. They look great paired with palms or cottage flowers (like Big Red Geraniums!) or anything you fancy. They compliment any plant nicely as what doesn't go well with wood... even if its fake looking wood!
Chose from Kentucky Walnut (darker) or Natural Oak.

One Size $90 or 2 for $80ea
370mmH x 640mmW