Variegated Shell Ginger

Statistics for Variegated Shell Ginger

Price (RRP)$20.00 Typical Max Height2.5 mtr's Typical Max Width3.5 mtr's Pot Size200 mm
Price (RRP) Typical Max Height Typical Max Width Pot Size


Variegated Shell Ginger is a stunning green and yellow clumping plant with large leaning foliage with leaves down the entire stem. It forms a dense clump when mature and provides great colour to any garden.

Uses: Variegated Shell Ginger is fantastic mass planted to fill any boring garden. It is great as a filler plant and for underplanting around trees or bamboo.

Planting: Variegated Shell Ginger definitely requires a lot of space in a garden as it arches out and leans. Plant in a well prepared garden bed with compost mixed through. Fertilise regularly to maintain good health and promote regular flowering. It is recommended to trim back once a year to encourage fresh new growth. 

We sell them in pot sizes:
200mm pots $20ea
300mm pots $35ea

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