Timor Black

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Statistics for Timor Black

Typical Height (m)12 m Max Culm Diameter (cm)10 cm Minimum Temp. (C)-4 C Price (RRP)$88.00
Typical Height (m) Max Culm Diameter (cm) Minimum Temp. (C) Price (RRP)


Timor Black (Bambusa lako) is everyones favourite clumping black bamboo! It features stunning chocolate brown, shiny culms and grows to a height of around 8 - 10 mtrs. Timor Black has quite pretty, large green leaves and gives a very tropical feel with a great colour contrast. Timor Black is quite fast growing, and can achieve a beautiful feature in around 24 months provided you follow our Bamboo Planting Guide with soil preparation and care. Check out our testimonials page for a great before and after picture. Black bamboo actually send up their new shoots green and will slowly turn black over the next 12 months or so.

We sell them in pot sizes:
200mm pots  $88ea
300mm pots  $176ea
400mm pots  $308ea
100Ltr bags  $660ea

The height and size of the actual bamboo in the pot varies with each species. For availability and any further information on sizing options and pricing, please call us on (07) 55 731 844 or email us at retail@bamboodownunder.com.au
Prices subject to change.