Sugar Cane Mulch

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Statistics for Sugar Cane Mulch

Price (RRP)$16.00 TypeMulch BrandRocky Point Size14 kgs
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Sugar Cane Mulch is the best mulch to use around bamboo. This bale will give you 9m2. It is made from an organic renewable resource, and is the best quality, cleanest and most environmentally friendly mulch available.

What It Does: Aids in water retension and erosion control. It enriches the soil by adding much needed organic matter. It reduces the weed growth in top soils.

How To Use It: Open bag, pull apart and spread mulch across top of soil and around surrounding plants. Apply as a thin layer, keeping it away from the trunks of trees but can be used thoroughly across bamboo stems. Water it down. To reduce weed growth also apply a layer of newspaper underneath the mulch.