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Statistics for Seasol

Price (RRP)$22.00 TypePlant Health BrandEarthcare Size1.25 ltrs
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Seasol is a liquid seaweed solution that is a plant health tonic - not a fertiliser. It is safe to use on all plants including natives. 

What It Does: It stimulates strong root growth and beneficial soil organisms. It helps plants cope with stress through heat, drought and frosts. It is a fantastic tonic to use during transplanting to reduce plant shock and increases nutrient uptake so when fertilisers are applied they are much more effective. The fortnightly use of Seasol before and during winter also minimises the effects winter has on plants. They will perk up, green up, and look a lot nicer during the cold seasons. 

How To Use It: When planting, fill up a bucket with the diluted seasol (follow application rates on bottle) + water and soak the plants rootball for 10 minutes before planting in the ground or pots. For plants already in the grounds/pots, apply as usual to foliage and root balls of the plants as often as necessary. The regular (weekly or fortnightly) and consistent application is particularly effective for faster, stronger plant growth. Sporadic use of Seasol will help however the consistent use is significantly more effective.