Rhapis Palm

Statistics for Rhapis Palm

Price (RRP)$39.00 Typical Max Height4 mtr's Typical Max Width3 mtr's Pot Size200 mm
Price (RRP) Typical Max Height Typical Max Width Pot Size


Rhapis Palms are a stunning palm with dark green lush foliage and multiple stems. They are slower growing to establishment but can form a beautiful feature simply for its unique expanding frond shape and massive size when fully grown. 

Uses: Rhapis Palms are fantastic indoor plants as they can handle low light situations. They can be kept in large pots for features or to use on patios/decks. 

Planting: They will continue to clump and expand so it is best to plant in an open area or keep them in a pot. They prefer semi shade and can be grown indoors in lower light situations. 

We sell them in pot sizes:
140mm pots $20ea
200mm pots $39ea
250mm pots $75ea
300mm pots $110ea
400mm pots $150ea
500mm pots $800ea

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