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Statistics for Oldhamii

Typical Height (m)12 m Max Culm Diameter (cm)10 cm Minimum Temp. (C)-9 C Price (RRP)$33.00
Typical Height (m) Max Culm Diameter (cm) Minimum Temp. (C) Price (RRP)


Oldhamii (Bambusa oldhamii) is a large clumping bamboo that can cover up to a 2-3m area at the base clump and reaches between 10-12mtrs of height, so it can easily block out a 3 storey building. It features extremely straight culms and dense dark green foliage. It grows too big to have on very small blocks, but on larger blocks and acreage it is a wonderful bamboo! Oldhamii grows very quickly, is very erect and lush and will block out the neighbours in 6-12 months. It is extremely self sufficient and drought hardy once established. If you do not have the room for Oldhamii, Gracilis would be a much better plant for screening.

Uses: Oldhamii is one of the best choicest to block out a 3 storey building or window. It is perfect for windbreaks and noise barriers as well. The shoots are edible, and the bamboo is nicknamed 'Sweet Shoot Bamboo' for its delicious flavour. The culms are very straight and strong, making it one of the best bamboos to build from.

Planting: For screening, plant at 2 mtr intervals into 2-3mtr width holes to encourage the best and biggest growth. Oldhamii best grown in full sun and is very drought hardy and self sufficient when established. Follow our Bamboo Planting Guide with soil preparation and care to ensure you achieve the fastest and best results within 18 months. 

Recommendations are based on an average garden, please speak to a professional for advice on your particular circumstances.

We sell them in pot sizes:
140mm pots $22ea
175mm pots $33ea
200mm pots  $33ea
300mm pots  $110ea
400mm pots $176ea
45Ltr bags $220ea

The height and size of the actual bamboo in the pot varies with each species. For availability and any further information on sizing options and pricing, please call us on (07) 55 731 844 or email us at retail@bamboodownunder.com.au
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