Negra Cordyline

Statistics for Negra Cordyline

Price (RRP)$25.00 Typical Max Height2.5 mtr's Typical Max Width1.5 mtr's Pot Size200 mm
Price (RRP) Typical Max Height Typical Max Width Pot Size


Cordyline Negra features dark purple/black foliage with a pinky greeny stripe on the new leaves all year round. It has wide and long leaves that branch off the main stem. 

Uses: Cordyline Negra is fantastic to use as a garden filler or as feature colour mass planted in any garden bed. It looks great as the underplanting under larger palms or bamboo. It can also be planted in front of to fill in the 'bare stem' look. Smaller cordylines or grasses work well.

Planting: Cordyline Negra prefers morning sun with afternoon shade, but can handle more sun if maintained well. Regular deep watering is essential to establish cordylines. Negra likes a well draining, high nutrient soil with added compost to grow well in. For the best results, fertilise with quarterly slow release fertiliser and trim off older foliage.

We sell them in pot sizes:
200mm pots $25ea
300mm pots $65ea

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