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Statistics for Nana

Typical Height (m)6 m Max Culm Diameter (cm)40 cm Minimum Temp. (C)-4 C Price (RRP)$250.00
Typical Height (m) Max Culm Diameter (cm) Minimum Temp. (C) Price (RRP)


Bambusa nana is one of the prettiest of the green bamboos and is very special looking with its smaller leaves.

It will grow to 6 metres in a vertical habit.  The culms are solid and taper off very quickly so you get the effect of bigger culms at the bottom with being a much taller plant.

This is a rare and very difficult variety to propogate hence it is quite expensive. There is limited numbers available.

Great for the collector or enthusiast and would make a great centrepiece in any garden! 

It is a very difficult bamboo to propagate, all sizes available are $250ea as below.

We sell them in pot sizes:
200mm pots $250ea
250mm pots $250ea
300mm pots $250ea
330mm pots $250ea
400mm pots $250ea
The height and size of the actual bamboo in the pot varies with each species. For availability and any further information on sizing options and pricing, please call us on (07) 55 731 844 or email us at
Prices subject to change.