Mushroom Compost

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Statistics for Mushroom Compost

Price (RRP)$10.00 TypeCompost BrandSearles Size30 ltrs
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Spent mushroom compost is the best compost to use in soils when planting bamboo. It is the residual compost waste generated by the mushroom production industry. It is essential you buy the readily available bagged compost as this is generally ready to use for planting. When bought in bulk from a farm, it can often be too fresh and can burn your plants.

What It Does: Mushroom compost promotes plant, flower and vegetable growth. It increases the organic matter and health of the soil and can improve water retention in sandy soils. It also aids in opening up harder soils when mixed through thoroughly. 

How To Use It: It is best used during garden preparation before planting, mixed through the soil thoroughly. For established gardens, use as a top dress directly on top of soil (remove any mulch). Please speak to a professional about application rates for your specific circumstances.