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Price (RRP)$10.00 Typical Max Height0.1 mtr's Typical Max Width0 mtr's Pot Size140 mm
Price (RRP) Typical Max Height Typical Max Width Pot Size


Mondo Grass is a tufting grass that features small, thin green leaves in a very dense fashion. It grows like a ground cover and will fill in the spacial limit where you plant it. It can easily be stopped by a shallow root barrier or paving.

Uses: Mondo Grass is perfect for a filler grass between pavers, around garden edges or as a border. They look great mass planted to form a fluffy clumping grass effect. They look great planted in front of bamboo or heliconias for a fuller garden effect.

Planting: Mondo Grass requires a free draining, high nutrient soil to get started. They can handle full sun to part shade. Fertilise regularly initially to encourage quick growth. They are low maintenance when established. It is recommended to trim out the older growth occasionally to encourage fresh foliage and a bushier effect.

We have them available in pot sizes:
140mm pots $10ea

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