Java Black

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Statistics for Java Black

Typical Height (m)10 m Max Culm Diameter (cm)8 cm Minimum Temp. (C)-4 C Price (RRP)$110.00
Typical Height (m) Max Culm Diameter (cm) Minimum Temp. (C) Price (RRP)


Java Black (Gigantochloa atroviolacea) is the most stunning and most loved of all the black clumpers and grows to around 10mtrs of height. It features matte black culms like a chalkboard with white rings around the internodes and large green tropical leaves. This species makes a magnificent statement in any garden. Black bamboo typically send up new shoots green and they turn black over a few months. Black stems can fade to a whitish colour after a few years, though with extra nutrients in the soil and fertilising the poles can stay black for longer.  Java black is one of the most difficult species to propogate (but is not difficult to plant and grow) so the price is always high, however well worth the price for such a unique and stunning specimen.

Uses: Java Black is without a doubt a feature bamboo but can also be used for light screening. It has a very open vase shape with its culms so will allow beautiful filtered sunshine through to any underplanting. It looks great paired with bromeliads.

Planting: Java Black usually has a base size of 2x2mtrs. Encourage Java Black to produce stunning black culms that last years with lots of organic matter in the soil and regular fertiliser. Grow in full sun to part shade. Follow our Bamboo Planting Guide given at the time of purchase for recommendations on the best soil preparation and care for your bamboo to achieve the quickest and best results.

Recommendations are based on an average garden, please speak to a professional for advice on your particular circumstances.

We sell them in pot sizes:
200mm pots  $110ea
300mm pots  $220ea
500mm pots $484ea

The height and size of the actual bamboo in the pot varies with each species. For availability and any further information on sizing options and pricing, please call us on (07) 55 731 844 or email us at
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