Giant Buddhas Belly

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Statistics for Giant Buddhas Belly

Typical Height (m)6 m Max Culm Diameter (cm)12 cm Minimum Temp. (C)-4 C Price (RRP)$33.00
Typical Height (m) Max Culm Diameter (cm) Minimum Temp. (C) Price (RRP)


Giant Buddhas Belly (Bambusa vulgaris cv wamin) is an interesting and unusual ornamental feature plant with bulbous belly like culms. It clumps out very wide, with a clump base generally around 3-4m wide in a circular fashion. Giant Buddhas Bellys culms are not upright but rather shoot at different arching directions to create a really beautiful artistic look.


Uses: This is an open clumping species of bamboo used for features in larger gardens. When the plant reaches maturity the centre culms can be removed creating a natural gazebo, a pathway or shade for underplanting. The poles are also used often for artistic furniture like bamboo arbors etc.


Planting: Dig holes at the very least 2mtrs wide, if not up to 4m wide for best results. There needs to be loose fresh and healthy soil surrounding the bamboo so it is encouraged to clump outwards. If your Buddhas Belly cannot clump out it will never form the largest feature like culms and will stay small and stunted. It is best grown in full sun. Follow our Bamboo Planting Guide with soil preparation and care to ensure you achieve the fastest and best results within 18 months. 

Recommendations are based on an average garden, please speak to a professional for advice on your particular circumstances.

We sell them in pot sizes:
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45Ltr bags $264ea

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