Garden Soil

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Price (RRP)$10.00 TypeSoil BrandSearles Size30 ltrs
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Garden Soil is the superior quality soil. It is an excellent blend of composted ingredients including real organic compost, organic animal manures, rainforest mulch and leaf mould, washed river sand and high quality loam. This Garden Soil has very good moisture holding capacity, making it very suitable for our climate. It also contains a rich source of essential nutrients, trace elements and provides storage of nutrients for strong plant growth and development. It is Certified to AS 4419 for Organic Soil and BFA Certified organic to recognised Australian and worldwide organic standards. 

What It Does: It is a great base to build up garden bed top soils to bring in fresh loose soil and nutrients. It contains some compost content and is pH balanced between 6.-7.5 units. 

How To Use It: Use directly on top of older, depleted garden beds soils for building up or mounding, or fill up dug out holes and trenches where depleted soils have been removed. The addition of mushroom compost and Garden Mate is highly recommended for superior nutrient quality and plant health.