Garden Mate 15kg

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Garden Mate is a 100% natural* rock minerals product that is a garden soil and plant conditioner containing plant available silica, trace elements, minerals and garden friendly microbes. It will not burn plant foliage or roots. 

What It Does: Garden Mate loosens heavy clay soils, providing better moisture penetration, promotes softer soil, improves drainage and nutrient availability. Garden Mate binds sand particles together in sandy soils which reduces nutrient leaching and improves moisture availability. It is proven to be much more effective then Gypsum. It also maintains your soil pH levels. 

It also encourages earthworm activity within the root zone, which enhances nutrient availability. Work it into the soil to promote quicker results. 

Garden Mate promotes a healthier, more robust root system and stronger thicker stem growth on all plants, and minimises the amount of water the plants require. This allows plants to withstand adverse conditions.

How To Use It: It can be used on all new plantings, existing gardens, bamboo, trees, shrubs, pot plants, lawns and Australian natives. Apply it at the base of the hole or trench you have dug for new plantings. It is the best soil conditioner to use on any type of soil but especially when planting or transplanting into new gardens.  Once planted and on existing garden beds, you apply it over the entire soil area and water it in well. Please speak to a professional about application rates for your specific circumstances.

*Garden Mate is an allowable input for organic growers.

Typical Analysis of Garden Mate
Plus Trace and Ultra Trace Elements