Garden Delight 4kg

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Price (RRP)$22.00 TypeFertiliser BrandEarthlife Size4 kgs
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Garden Delight is a 100% natural* plant food containing NO animal products. It provides your plants with silica, trace elements, minerals, organic plant material and garden friendly microbes. It will not burn plant foliage or roots. 

What It Does: Garden Delight is a fantastic plant food that feeds your plants, reduces plant stress, promotes healthier plants that are more resistant to adverse conditions and minimises the amount of water your plant requires. Garden Delight encourages earthworm activity in your soil, promoting fertility and nutrition. It also maintains your soil pH levels. 

How To Use It: You can use it on all new plantings, existing gardens, bamboo, trees, shrubs, pot plants, lawns and Australian natives. It is the recommend fertiliser to use on all established bamboo (2 years or older) as a quarterly application, or more frequently as required. Please speak to a professional about application rates for your specific circumstances.

*Garden Delight is an allowable input for organic growers.

Typical Analysis of Garden Delight
Plus Trace and Ultra Trace Elements