Eclipse Potting Mix

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Statistics for Eclipse Potting Mix

Price (RRP)$14.00 TypePotting BrandBrunnings Size30 ltrs
Price (RRP) Type Brand Size


Eclipse Potting Mix is the superior choice due to the added coir peat contained within the mix. It holds much more water than standerd potting mixes and is a fantastic choice when potting any tropical and sub tropical plants and in particular when planting bamboo in pots or troughs. It is not to be used in the ground (where true soil and compost is needed).

What It Does: It provides your potted plants with a water holding mix to minimise the amount of watering the plants require. The mix contains enough fertiliser for a 3 month period and will give your plants longevity in pots.

How To Use It: Fill up your pots with the potting mix and plant directly into. Water in well.