Belly Pot Wine

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Statistics for Belly Pot Wine

Price (RRP)$20.00 Approx Height19 cm's Approx Width25 cm's Approx Length25 cm's
Price (RRP) Approx Height Approx Length Approx Width


These Primo Belly round shaped pots are perfect for a singular palm, flowering plant or bamboo. They look great with any plant and can feature them with the range of different colours. The glazed finish is hand done and has beautiful tones throughout, they aren't just a straight one bulk colour. The wine colour has been very popular for a STAND OUT feature. Is has an extremely deep and vibrant classy red wine colour that compliments plants and makes them POP. 

Extra Small $20
190mmH x 550mmW

Small $40
250mmH x 340mmW

Medium $70
320mmH x 460mmW

Large $110
410mmH x 550mmW