Bamboo Screens Jati Natural TALL

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Statistics for Bamboo Screens Jati Natural TALL

Price (RRP)$280.00 Approx Height210 cm's Approx Width3 cm's Approx Length240 cm's
Price (RRP) Approx Height Approx Length Approx Width


The Jati Natural Bamboo Screens feature the traditional pale honey coloured poles. In the second photo, you can see the sample screen rolled out and displayed at its full size. They stand at 2.1mtr tall and 2.4mtr long - so you can achieve some taller height then the other screen options.

We specifically stock these screens from Vietnam as they are made from the highest quality treated bamboo. They are constructed with strong galvanised wire. The screens are built with solid poles (not split in half) to ensure they are long lasting against weather and not exposed. All poles are cut to the node on the top to prevent moisture damage and rotting. You can also hang them the opposite way if you were after 2.4mtrs worth of height. Having the bamboo poles hung horizontally adds an element of unique design.

It is recommended to apply a clear coat of marine grade varnish every few years to ensure longevity.