Bamboo Blend Fertiliser 10kg

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Price (RRP)$120.00 TypeFertiliser BrandBamboo Down Under Size10 kgs
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This Bamboo Fertiliser is a slow release, pellet form of fertiliser specific to bamboos needs. It is the ideal fertiliser to use when just planting your bamboo and for their first 2 years of growth.

What It Does: Bamboo Blend promotes FAST growth in your bamboo. It increases the amount of stems and foliage you will get from your bamboo clumps during the growing season. 

How To Use It: It is best applied at the time of planting. Apply it on top of soil around the stems (not in the soil around the rootball) 1 tablespoon per 200mm pot of bamboo once planted, reapplying every 3 months and increasing the amount as the bamboo grows. The addition of Garden Mate soil conditioner is essential to promote strong stem growth. 

N 21 P 2 K 7 + TE