Baby Panda Grass

Statistics for Baby Panda Grass

Price (RRP)$25.00 Typical Max Height0.4 mtr's Typical Max Width0.4 mtr's Pot Size200 mm
Price (RRP) Typical Max Height Typical Max Width Pot Size


Baby Panda Grass is a small tufting grass that features tiny green leaves in a very dense fashion. It looks very similar to bamboo's leaves and looks great in any asian, tropical or sub tropical style garden.

Uses: Baby Panda Grass is perfect as a border plant, pot plant feature or to fill in spaces in a garden.

Planting: Baby Panda Grass requires a full sun position with lots of nutrients and water regularly. It looks best with yearly trimming before the growing season to encourage fresh new fluffy growth.

We sell them in pot sizes:
100mm pots $12ea
140mm pots $15ea
200mm pots $25ea

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