Atlantis Rhia U Pots

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Statistics for Atlantis Rhia U Pots

Price (RRP)$50.00 Approx Height36 cm's Approx Width37 cm's Approx Length37 cm's
Price (RRP) Approx Height Approx Length Approx Width


Atlantis pots feature a mottled, textured old-world effect but in a modern shape. They are extremely sturdy and long life and we ensured we purchase from a reputable supplier where the texture will not crumble or deteriorate within a matter of months! The Rhia U shape are taller and more elegant looking then plain round pots and are perfect for a singular palm, flowering plant or bamboo. They look great pair with any plant as the white/grey/black tones of the pot compliment any natural colour, and they look particularly stunning planted with dark green lush tones. They are really popular for pairing with tall heliconias, cascade palms (for a lush look) or Gracilis bamboo for the ultimate screening.

Extra Small $50
360mmH x 370mmW

Small $120
480mmH x 350mmW

Medium $170
570mmH x 440mmW

Large $220
650mmH x 540mmW