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Price (RRP)$30.00 Typical Max Height0.5 mtr's Typical Max Width0.5 mtr's Pot Size200 mm
Price (RRP) Typical Max Height Typical Max Width Pot Size


Bromeliads are fantastic, shade loving plants that brighten up any garden with their shapes, colours, stripes and flowers. They come in many different varieties and sizes and mass planted out together they can create a stunning, low maintenance garden. 

Uses: Bromeliads are perfect for underplanting around bamboo, palms or taller plants. They are ideal for any shady spot in the garden or beside the house where something low maintenance is required. On their own they can provide a great feature and mass planted they look even more impressive. They can also be used as indoor plants in a pot.

Planting: Bromeliads require free draining soil in a semi shady to shady position, depending on the variety. They need water in their cups and avoid having wet soil around their root balls. They are very low maintenance.

We sell them in pot sizes:
200mm pots $22 to $30 depending on species
250mm pots $40 to $80 depending on species

For sizing of the actual plant and quantities available, please contact us on (07) 55 731 844 or email
Prices subject to change.