Species Typical Max Height (m) Typical Max Width (m) Pot Size (mm/ltrs) Price inc GST

Birds Nest Fern

Birds Nest Ferns are loved for their great shape and style. They feature wide and long green fronds that...

1 m 2 m 175 mm $22.00

Hanging Fern

Hanging Ferns are an assortment of ferns that are currently in hanging pots to feature their waterfall effect...

0.5 m 0.5 m 175 mm $18.00

King Fern

King Ferns are well known for their magnificent size and extending fronds. They are a full shade to...

4 m 5 m 175 mm $18.00

Tree Fern

Tree Ferns are well known for their immense size and extending long fronds. They are a low maintenance...

6 m 4 m 200 mm $22.00