Collectors Bamboo

Bamboo Species Typical Height (m) Max Culm Diameter (cm) Minimum Temperature (°C) 200mm Price inc GST (AU$)

Black Asper

Black Asper (Dendrocalamus asper cv hitam) is the worlds largest...

15 m 12 cm -5 °C $110.00


Dendrocalamus brandisii has the claim of being the tallest bamboo in the world. The shoots are...

30 m 15 cm -5 °C $66.00

Himalayan Weeping


4 m 3 cm -12 °C $66.00


Gigantochloa pseudoarundinacea  is a very beautiful bamboo that likes warmer weather. This large bamboo has...

12 m 10 cm -4 °C $66.00


Thyrostachys siamensis  is a very upright bamboo with the tighest culms of...

12 m 6 cm -4 °C $330.00

Sacred Bali

Schizostachyzum brachycladum is a very beautiful bamboo and is regarded as one of the best looking of the...

12 m 5 cm -2 °C $110.00